Why Is It Feasible To Install A Shower Than A Bathtub?

Bathroom renovations are done to add value to your home. And when you renovate it, you focus on the layout of the room. Sometimes, to allow more space in the bathroom, you might come up with the idea to get off the bathtub and design the bathroom in a different get-up. Get in touch with the bathroom renovations contractors in Toronto to modify your bathrooms in the best possible way.

Bathroom Renovations contractors in toronto

The benefit of fixing a walk-in shower

Today we will discuss the reasons why a shower is better than a bathtub. A walk-in-shower it will add spark to your bathroom. It is one of the luxury items that would grab less space yet would elevate the decor of your bathroom with its exquisite designs.

Consider your future requirements

When you plan to renovate your bathroom, think well before doing it. Confirm the fact whether you would accommodate in the same house for years to come. Upgrading for a short term isn’t feasible. When you renovate you would want to increase the carpet area of the bathroom to increase accessibility, hence remove the bathtub and get a shower installed. If you are dealing with mobility issues; getting in and coming out of a tub can be difficult and stressful. A walk-in shower is wide enough and can be easily accessed by the people on walkers or wheelchairs. Place non-slip tiles on the floor for the more safe bathing experience.

Bathroom Renovations contractors in toronto

Consume less energy

While renovation, you would want to consider the factor of energy consumption. You would be enthusiastic to know what impact the renovation would make on your monthly energy bills. The good news is that an energy-efficient shower head can reduce your water consumption by 70%, which in a way helps to reduce your energy consumption.

Drainage points

The type of drain that you could get fixed on the floor depends on the tiles and shower that you select. “Grate drain” is mostly installed in the middle of the shower stall. You get to choose from a wide variety of grate styles and you can pick the one to match your style. There are designs of patterned, curved and floral. They get fixed to the tiles so well and give a neat finish.

Bathroom Renovations contractors in toronto

Varied designs of the showers

When you visit the shop, check out the recent shower fixtures. Nowadays, with modern technology, they have come up with different types like rain shower top to massage jets. You will be able to get the relaxing ambiance of a spa even without soaking in the tub. The shower wand and the head both do a perfect job of removing the soap perfectly. In addition to it, the colored lights of the bathroom would enhance the spa-like feel.

Creating space

When you eradicate the bathtub from your bathroom, you make more space in it. You can utilize the space by building some cabinets and drawers to store towels and other accessories. The shower is the best alternative for the bathtub in a limited space bathroom.

It is a big task to plan a bathroom renovation. Contact a professional designer who would come up with exotic designs and a reputable contractor to get the job done perfectly.

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