Protect Your Commercial Safes and Reduce the Chances of Winter Fires

Commercial safes are a fundamental part and parcel of everyday life. With the number of buglers lurking around these days, it’s optimal that your house has a safe to protect your heirlooms and valuables. However, while most safes offer the quintessential protection necessary to protect your home these robbers, sometimes these safes are compromised by one elephant in the room- house fires.

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With the onset of winter, holiday heaters, candles and decorative often lead to increased chances of house fires that can damage safes and unfortunately the belongings in them. Hence, today this blog will discuss steps to take to reduce chances of winter fires and protect the content of safes.

Let’s Begin:

  1. Be Aware of Candles

Candles are essential for everyday lives, but during winter when power outages are frequent, these household candles are primary. Often, due to excessive winds, ice or snow, the power lines are affected which lead to numerous power cuts. Now, when these candles are accidentally kept near flammable things like say, silk curtains or even papers, often a slight mishap leads to big house fires that can consume everything including safes.

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Now, while certain commercial safes are designed to offer protection from fires, these can survive for a maximum span of 60 minutes. Hence, if you’re late in calling the firefighters all your precious belongings will burn to ashes.

Hence, use fewer candles as possible and go for battery operated lights to eliminate the chances of winter fires.

  1. Careful about Electrical Outlets

Winters undoubtedly call for more use of electrical outlets. With the sun setting early, the cold intensifies and so does the need for heaters. However, when it comes to overloading the electrical outlets, the chances of short circuits increase and as a result, electrical fires are common. These fires are hard to diffuse and are terrible for commercial safes.

So, the trick is to wear more woolens and use insulated windows and doors if necessary to prevent the overloading on heaters.

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  1. Go for Fireproof Safes

Not all safes are made the same way; some are more secure than others. So, while investing in commercial safes, consider buying one that’s fireproof.

As mentioned above, these won’t completely make your valuables bulletproof. However, in case a fire does break out and you take action quickly, these can save your heirlooms and other documents more precisely. Just pick a safe that can protect your valuables for about an hour, to give your firemen enough time to diffuse the flames.

  1. Smoking Irresponsibly

Houses with smokers are more likely to end up with house fires. For example, a man who is busy, irritated and nonchalant of his surroundings might end up smoking irresponsibly and forget to tap the cigarette after he’s done. Now, assuming he’s abed or near flammable items, that can lead to house fires too.

Hence, smoke responsibly and always diffuse the bud when done to prevent chances of home fires.

Phew! That’s all! Considering these above precautions will help keep your homes and commercial safes secure from the clutches of a winter house fire. So, be careful and stay safe!