About us

Professional ethics is a small business consultation firm comprised of independent leaders in marketing and financial industry. Professional Ethics started 6 years ago when I and 2 others (Dan and Jonathan) met a forum discussing the future of local businesses in Ontario and the scope of marketing. That’s when the idea clicked of helping local businesses in Toronto with our own personal experience and guidance.

Toronto is becoming a very competitive market day by day. With so many businesses opening at a rapid pace, it becomes touch for small businesses to compete with the big fishes in the market. We try to relieve the stress of the business owners by giving complete guidance and a solution that they can implement for a better growth of their business. Our services include:

  • Complete market analysis
  • Project management and direction
  • Accounting and Financial Checks
  • Management support and guidance

One thing we would like to be really clear is that besides us three, you won’t be getting calls from any of our sales associate related to business consultation. We take the responsibility on our self and stay in touch with the owner directly.

We are not trying to sell a service but give a solution or a vision for the future. Contact us now to set up your appointment and your assessment will start right away!